Coe's Comfrey is Temporarily Closed

We Will Re-open the Order Page When It Is Possible To Take New Orders

Due to a backlog of comfrey orders,
Coe's Comfrey is temporarily not accepting new orders for the next few days.

Coe is the only person at Coe's Comfrey who is actively processing orders.
This entails digging, washing, trimming, and packing planting stock for shipment.
We are not a warehouse, nor a nursery.

Coe is currently processing these orders, and will reopen the website when he has processed the majority of them.
This notice will stay in effect until Coe has cleared most of the backlog, which should be within the next few days.

If you wish, you can order through mail by sending payment with a check or money order along with our Order Form.

Please feel free to use the rest of the Coe's Comfrey website for information on comfrey and its growing and use.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your interest in Coe's Comfrey.

Coe's Electronic Correspondent

*Please check this webpage often for updates and changes.*